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Kalahari Desert in South Africa

More and more people have been traveling to the Kalahari desert in South Africa, because of its unbelievable beauty and thriving popular of wildlife. Many come to hunt, others just to see the natural wonders that behold when you walk around and see the landscape for yourself. Although the Kalahari is referred to as a desert, it is really more of a dry savannah. The dunes that cover this land have only recently been deemed stable due to growing vegetation throughout the land. Every year millions of people travel to this part of the world to see for themselves what everyone else only talks about.

This desert covers a huge geographical area, including Botswana and sections of Namibia. This particular desert includes many game reserves that have animals ranging from hyenas to giraffes and warthogs. They are protected inside enclosed areas where they are free from poachers. There are however hunting camps and areas where such activities are legal. You will be able to hunt big game animals and really give yourself the challenge of a lifetime in a geographical location that is like no other on earth.

The Kalahari desert in South Africa is free from any surface of water that is permanent and is covered mostly by red dunes of sand. The climate is arid and humid all year round. Any visitors should be ready for the blazing heat that is typically associated with this part of the continent. It is important to bring all of the proper protections against sunlight and dress in clothes which will prevent heat stroke, a common occurrence among outside travelers. It is important that you read as much about this land as possible before visiting so you are aptly prepared for everything it holds. This includes wild life such as lions and hyaenas that can be dangerous.

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